Windows 8 Alarm Clock App With Real-Time Weather Updates

Ambient Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock app for Windows 8, which lets you set alarms and track weather forecast. The alarm alerts you with sound and toast notifications. One of the unique feature of this app is that you can turn off or snooze the alarm directly from the toast notification. So you don’t need to open the app to turn the alarm off or to set it for snooze.

This alarm clock app also displays real time weather highlights in the background, based on the GPS location. You can also check hourly forecast as well as forecast for upcoming 7 days, and can even edit the location and add any location from the world to check weather of that particular location.

Ambient Alarm Clock-Home

Key Features of Ambient Alarm Clock App for Windows 8:

  • Simple interface and easy to use.
  • Alerts you with sound and notifications.
  • Lets you dismiss or snooze the alarm directly through the notification.
  • Displays real time weather on the background of the app.
  • Shows current date and time on the Live Tile.
  • Weather forecasts as per your location.

How to use this Windows 8 Alarm Clock App?

You can get Ambient Alarm Clock app free from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the app, allow the app to use your location. You will find current time and current weather condition on the screen.

Adding Alarm:

To add alarm click on the alarm icon at the home screen of the app. Now right click on the screen and then click on Add Alarm. You will get below mentioned options to add alarm:

  • Name of the alarm.
  • Time to alert you.
  • Choose snooze time from provided time intervals: 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes.
  • Sound of the alarm from provided 10 different sounds. You can even play the sounds to check if they are loud enough to alert you or not.
  • Repeats

Ambient Alarm Clock- Add Alarm

Your alarms will be displayed in Alarm folder. From there you can activate or deactivate your alarms, delete them, or can even edit your alarms.

Ambient Alarm Clock-Alarm


The second feature of this app is that it shows real time weather conditions. It shows weather as per your location. You can check current weather, hourly forecast for today, and weather forecast for upcoming 7 days. It also shows red alert for natural disasters (if any) as per the weather conditions, like for flood.

Ambient Alarm Clock-Weather

You can even check the weather condition of any other city around the world as well. To check, click on Add location option at the weather page. Enter the name of your city and save it.

Ambient Alarm Clock-Add Location

Your added city will be saved in Location folder. Click on edit location, and then on Activate to view the weather condition of the same city. You can add as many locations as you want.

Ambient Alarm Clock-Location

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Ambient Alarm clock is a very easy to use alarm clock app. Many alarm clock apps try to add many features and forget about the simplicity, but his app is cleanly designed and focuses only on alarms and weather feature. It lets you check weather forecast of any city around the world. The best thing I liked about this app is that it lets you dismiss/snooze the alarm directly from notification alerts. If you are looking for any alarm clock app, then you should give it a try.

Get Ambient Alarm Clock here.