Windows 8 Adventure Puzzle Game From Disney: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is a free game which combines the elements of adventure and puzzle into one. The game has a storyline based on Disney’s latest movie Big Hero 6, and it has been developed by Disney themselves. In the game, you control various colored robots which fire at the enemy when you match three or more circles of the same color as the said robot. For instance, your red robot will fire if you combine three or more red colored balls, and so on. Combining four or more of these will result in a special ball which when matched with similar colors will generate a higher impact power. In the game, you can also use a limited number of special attacks without actually matching up any balls, and this can be achieved my clicking on the main protagonist’s avatar at the top left of the screen.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Big Hero 6 Bot Fight:

When you install and launch the Big Hero 6 Bot Fight game app on your device, you will be presented with the following screen.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight main screen

Here, you will be introduced to the game’s main features. This is basically an introduction to the game. Once you have read through the introduction screens, you will be taken to a walk through of the tutorial of the game. Once that’s over, you will be shown the map screen where the missions will pop up on your screen in the means of glowing orbs.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight mission select

As you complete missions, you will be awarded game coins which you can then use to buy upgrades, evolve your robots etc. Clicking on an orb will bring you to the gameplay interface.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight gameplay

You can see that you have to swipe together the similar colored orbs together to join them and create a combo. The available robots can be seen just above the puzzle interface, where you can see that I currently have the red, green and the blur robots. Combining hearts will help you regain your health. The game works on the simple control of clicking and dragging similar colored orbs together, or if you have a touch screen device, simply sliding your finger across to combine similar orbs. Once the game is over, you will be shown your result based on whether you won or lost.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight victory

The game also allows you to access the shop via the map screen. From here you can choose to evolve your bots, purchase new robots, etc.

This winds up the main features of this game.

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The verdict:

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is a great game which allows you to easily sharpen your skills and mind while having fun at the same time. The game takes on the Big Hero 6 storyline in a way which is entertaining and makes for a great gameplay experience. I absolutely adore this app!

Get Big Hero 6 Bot Fight.