Weather App For Windows 8: AccuWeather is a free weather app for Windows 8 to make you aware about the uncertainties in weather condition. This weather app shows the prevailing weather condition in your local area or in any other part of the world . For knowing weather conditions prevailing in a  particular location, you need to type in the name of that particular location and add that particular location to your location list.


For knowing weather condition of a particular location, all you have to do is to right anywhere on the main interface and choose the “My Location” option at the top right corner of the screen. Now right click anywhere within the “My Location” interface and choose “Add Location” option below. And enter the name of the city or area in the search box, then hit the Enter key. Now this weather app will show you all the relevant weather information prevailing in that particular location.


Weather application for Windows 8 displays weather details like current temperature, wind speed, humidity, time of sunrise and sunset, etc. Even you have a choice to know the weather forecasts for a particular area in coming hours or days. You can even check whether the prevailing weather condition is good for outdoor fitness, DIY, Travel, Respiratory,Fishing & Game. To use this smart checking feature, you have to click on “My AccuWeather” option below and then click on any of those above mentioned category you prefer.

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Features Of This Weather App:

  • It’s entirely free.
  • Offers you a map option to view the map of selected location.
  • Alerts you about the prevailing weather condition.
  • Provides relevant weather information like humidity, current temperature, wind speed and many.
  • Get Weather forecasts for coming hours and days.
  • Available in Windows 8 App Store.

The Final Verdict For This Weather App:

AccuWeather App is a simple and a very useful weather app which updates you about the prevailing weather in your local area or in any other part of the world. Try this awesome weather application from your Windows 8 App Store.