Videorecepies: Free Windows 8 Cooking App

Videorecepies is a free Windows 8 cooking app used for making delicious cuisines whenever you want. Basically, this cooking app for Windows 8 for those who like experimenting with their cooking styles.

Here, on Videorecepies, you will get a huge variety of recipes with their proper ingredients and reviews. Those who are fond of eating and cooking, this is the best cooking app they can have. You can try a new recipe daily and can impress your friends or for the homemakers, they can impress their husbands. Just install this Windows 8 cooking app and get ready to embrace your taste buds with exotic and ravishing delicacies. You can have a large range of  food types.


Choose from the above items you want to prepare for your loved ones and get their compliments everyday. This Windows 8 recipe app gives you the approximate duration needed to prepare the cuisine with exact steps and ingredients used along with the quantity used to prepare that dish.


You can see the steps used to prepare the dish and the ingredients. The cooking app for Windows 8 contains various styles of recipe you can try according to your convenience like Fast food, or chicken, or quick 5 minutes recipe. You can prepare sweet dish, salads, beverages etc with this small everyday use app.

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You can check out the list of the food items by yourself. And this is really not it. You can do your own experiments with the hints given at the bottom of the dishes ingredients list and can use your own kitchen ingredients.

So, what are you waiting for? Search for Videorecipes Windows 8 cooking app, try out all the dishes and impress your family with this Windows 8 app.