uTorrent: Windows 8 BitTorrent client

uTorrent is a free Windows 8 BitTorrent client that is used to distribute large amount of data over the Internet. Its, basically a peer-to-peer file sharing service that lets you download from BitTorrent. It’s very safe & secure p2p file sharing service and is low on system resources. The good part is that it is very fast to download a file using uTorrent software.

This free BitTorrent client for Windows 8 has a separate search bar where you can easily find the torrents instantly. The software facilitates you with a single click start, pause, and stop buttons along with scheduling all your downloads.

Although, this Windows 8 BitTorrent client has been developed for previous Windows OS, however, I tried downloading it on the newly developed Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS and guess what.. it worked just so perfect over this latest OS. Lets me quickly point download the main features of this BitTorrent client for Windows 8 below.

To use this official Windows 8 uTorrent client software, you first need to download the torrent and then add the downloaded file to uTorrent to download the desired file. Also, the software allows you to search the file from within and then download it directly on your Windows 8 OS.

Key Features Of Windows 8 BitTorrent Client:

  • Multiple files downloading ability.
  • Lets you schedule files you want to download.
  • Brings you a powerful RSS Downloader.Lets you quickly resume if you stuck somewhere, while downloading a file.
    Windows 8 BitTorrent client
  • It’s very safe, secure, fast P2P file sharing tool.
  • It’s completely free to download on Windows 8.
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How To Download uTorrent In Windows 8:

  1. Go onto the homepage of the software.
  2. Click on ‘Get uTorrent’ link given inside the orange box.
  3. You will be soon taken to a page where you can see the difference between ‘Free Download’ and ‘uTorrent Plus’ which is paid. Click on ‘Free Download’ in case you want the free one.
  4. Click on the downloaded link to install it in your Windows 8 system.
  5. Proceed with the installation steps to get the software.
  6. Its done..

In short, uTorrent is a good utility Windows 8 BitTorrent client software that lets you download and share torrent files on Windows 8 OS. You can easily download any torrent file from this official uTorrent software and get anything which you desire.