uTorrent For Windows 8

Yet another popular software has been tested in Windows 8 to check if it works well there. Its uTorrent this time. Yupp…you read it correct. uTorrent is indeed an extremely efficient and powerful BitTorrent client for Windows, now also for Windows 8 that lets you download torrents easily. Many of the other BitTorrent features are available in uTorrent such as scheduling downloads, auto-downloading, bandwidth prioritization, and the like.

People who have no idea about uTorrent, let me summarize the meaning. The software lets you download various files including audio, video, or other text files. However, you need to notice that uTorrent takes you to the third-party website to let you complete your downloads. uTorrent uses peer-to-peer file sharing to distribute licensed material without seeking any authorization.

Downloading uTorrent in Windows 8 is as simple as it is to install in other popular Microsoft’s OS. However, before I get down to the downloading process, let me quickly point down the main features of uTorrent for Windows 8.

Features of uTorrent For Windows 8:

  • Peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Lets you enable protocol encryption
  • Supports DHT exchange
  • Supports automatic downloading torrents and viewing feeds
  • Lets you schedule downloads
  • Lets you play the downloading file while it is in progress
  • Simple and easy-to-access interface
  • Available in Free and Paid version


How To Download uTorrent in Windows 8:

  1. Go onto the given link.
  2. Click on “Get uTorrent”.
  3. There two versions available to download—Free and Paid one. Choose the one to move further.
  4. Double-Click on the downloaded setup
  5. You will soon find the software installed as you follow-up with the on-screen instructions.

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Yup…there you are. you have successfully download uTorrent in Windows 8. Go ahead and download uTorrent for Windows 8.