Unroll It: Windows 8 Game To Create Path To Move Ball Towards Goal

Unroll It is a free puzzle game for Windows 8 in which you have to put a ball in the goal. The ball is on one corner of the board and the goal is in another corner. You need to create a path between ball and goal so that ball can directly go in the ball. There are lot of puzzle pieces on the board and you have to arrange them in the correct order to make path for the ball.

If you have played pipe games like Flow and Plumber3, you are gonna love this game. The game will seem pretty easy in the beginning, but soon you will realize that it is actually much harder than it seems. You can have hours of fun playing this Unroll It game for Windows 8.

Unroll Me - Interface

Gameplay of Unroll It Game for Windows 8:

When you start the game, you will see a board on which various wooden pieces are laid out, with slots between them. On one corner of the board you will see a ball, while on another corner you will see the goal in which you have to put the ball.

Now, your motive is to create a patch between ball and goal, so that ball can move without hitting any obstacle and reach the goal. For that, you need to move pieces around in such a way that the slots in the pieces form an uninterrupted path. See an example of a starting board, and the completed path in that:

Unroll Me - Game Start To Finish

What makes this game difficult is that the ball starts moving just a few seconds after the game starts. So, you do not get a whole lot of time to devise your strategy. However, you can keep moving the pieces around even when the ball is moving.

To move any block, just click on the block and drag it to adjacent empty space. You can move block only to adjacent empty space. It cannot jump over another blocks. Also, only one block can be moved at a time. There is no limit on number of moves you can take, but lesser the moves, more the score.

One pro tip for you: you can move a piece even when the ball is inside a piece.

The game has 40 different levels. Each level has a different type of board.

Unroll Me - Different Level

Initially only a few levels and unlocked, and as you keep completing the levels, more levels will be unlocked.

In addition to game levels, you can choose between three different difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, Hard. If you are playing this game for the first time, I strongly suggest you start with Easy level.

If you start loving this game so much that you would want to play this while on the move, do check out Unroll Me app for iPhone.

My Opinion About Unroll It Game for Windows 8:

I like puzzle games a lot, and Unroll It presents a very nice and easy to understand game, that is not so easy to play. The game seems too simple in the beginning, but soon you will realize that the game is actually much difficult. I love this game. Do try it out; I am sure you’ll like it to.

Get Unroll It Game here.