Ultimate Unit Conversion Tool lite: Windows 8 Unit Converter App

Ultimate Unit Conversion Tool lite is a free Windows 8 unit converter app to perform quick unit conversions. This Windows 8 app comes handy in calculating the equivalent values in different units of measurement. Here, you are delivered the support to convert about 360 units distributed across 17 categories.

At this unit converter Windows 8 app, you will be able to convert length, area, mass, density, volume, time, temperature, speed, volume flow, speed, binary data, acceleration, charge, resistance, luminance, radiation exposure, radiation equivalent doses , absorbed dose, and angles.

On launching this Windows 8 app for the first time you will be presented following window.


Using Ultimate Unit Conversion Tool lite Windows 8 Unit Converter App:

There, you will be presented the list of supported conversion in the left panel. Now, depending upon your selection the option listed in the section to right side will change accordingly.

  • Now, all you need to do is to find unit in with known quantity. Then type the value in its adjacent textbox and hit enter button.
  • Soon after that all equivalent values will populate in all text boxes. To view all options you might require scrolling down.

For other conversions, you can change your selection and repeat the steps stated above.

Pros & Cons:

  • The best part is that  you are shown the complete conversion list in a single go. No need to specify to and from units. This approach is quite effective and aids in saving your precious time.
  • The currency conversion functionality of Ultimate Unit Conversion Tool lite proved a bit disappointing. All other types of conversions were error free. Also, it supports free conversion for common units only.


It can be easily located under ‘Tools’ section of Windows Store. To install it directly, you will require to:

  • Open this link in supported web browser such as IE (10 or later)
  • Then on the webpage, click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button placed to the top-left section.
  • Upon being redirected, click on ‘Install’ button.

* The application is only 1.28 MB in size and requires access to your Internet connection.

Ultimate Unit Conversion Tool lite is just ok. The other free Windows 8 unit conversion apps that you can try are TotalUnitConverter and TotalUnitConverter.