Touch my pInterest: Windows 8 Pinterest App

Touch my pInterest is a nice Windows 8 Pinterest App that allows you to quickly manage things in an effective manner. The Pinterest experience delivered by this free Pinterest Windows 8 app is quite complete and you will be able to perform all major operations as if on itself.

On launching this Pinterest app for Windows 8, the first time, you will be presented the interface showing top feeds from Pinterest community. In the mid section you will be presented the buttons to login and to register. Next, you require clicking on the appropriate and after login you will find yourself in on a similar interface shown in screenshot below.


Operating on Windows 8 Pinterest App:

There, you can click on any story being displayed on your board. On looking at the section to the left side of the screen, you will find a few buttons for a few buttons in red. Have a look on the supported operations:

  • Backward button: will be inactive in very beginning and is to be utilized for going back to the previous Window. It might appear very basic, but many applications lack this basic convenience.
  • Search: On clicking on the search button you will be presented the Search-Charm window to the right section of the interface. You can now search for new stories by entering applicable keywords.   windows-8-printerest-search
  • Home: It will lead you to the primary home screen of Touch my pInterest Windows 8 Pinterest app
  • Profile: On using this button you will be shown the a new window with your profile information. The same window also provides you the option for editing your profile information.
  • About: You will be shown some mumbo-jumbo about Pinterest board. We all know that Pinterest is and its use. If you are new then do not forget to press this button.

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  • To install Touch my pInterest you will require opening this link in any supported web browser (like Internet Explorer 10 or Advance) followed by a click on ‘View in Windows Store Button’.
  • Then, on the application overview window, click on ‘Install’ button. The size of application is only 201 KB and will install within a minute.

Windows 8 Pinterest App is a must for Pinterest Enthusiasts. If you are one, then your Windows 8 machine wont be complete without it.