techAU: Free Windows 8 News App

techAU is a Windows 8 News app from the News & Weather section which will let you know about all the latest technologies, gadgets, gizmos, mobiles, video games etc etc etc.

Just name it on the grounds of technology and you will have it in front of your eyes. This app for Windows 8 gives you the liberty to search through various technology related articles and online news. You can browse through thousands of articles and technology based reviews and videos. There are also some terms where you can find something interesting about those terms and technologies. You can also view latest posts from veteran writers on techAU. This is a place where you can find anything about technology. If you are a geek or a techno freak, then this Windows 8 News app is the correct pace where you can hang around or spend your most of the time.


This is how the interface of techAU looks like. This app for Windows 8 is filled with lots and lots of brainstorming news and reviews about the latest technologies. Just click on any of the latest news and have glimpse on your favorite and upcoming technologies.

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You can also listen to various technology related podcasts and can also read articles related to latest gadgets and gizmos in the unfolding market. The market of new technology and brands will be here only on techAU Windows 8 app.


This is the podcast of this Windows 8 News app and you can also listen it on the browser and can also read the other items, directly on the browser. You can actually acquire a lot from this Windows 8 App. Go ahead and install techAU available under the ‘News & Weather’ category of Windows 8 store.