Windows 8 Chat App is a free Windows 8 chat app available under ‘Social’ section of Windows 8 app store. This chat app for Windows 8 is very fast, and lite where you can carry out chatting with all your friends across different accounts such as Facebook, Google, Windows, and Pingpong. It lets you fast chat across all the networks. You can easily read all your messages, send messages, and check delivery of all the messages, from within the app.

This Windows 8 chat app lets you access your chat history.. it’s quite clean and comes with absolutely gorgeous interface. You can logon to multiple platforms and chat in all the platforms, at one time. You can also search for a specific contact to chat with or to send offline message. This chat Windows 8 app also lets you set your availability such as Available or Offline. You can also manage you accounts such as remove anyone or add more. Let me bring you the main features of this Windows 8 chat app below.

Features Of Windows 8 Chat App:

  • Lets you carry out chatting across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Google, Windows, and Pingpong.
  • Its provide fast chatting facility.
  • You can initiate conversation, read your messages, send messages, from within the app.
    Windows 8 chat app
  • Lets you access to chat history.
  • Lets you chat on multiple platforms, at one time.
  • Lets you manage you accounts by adding more or removing the existing ones.
  • Lets you change you availability status such Available or Offline.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

Well.. I simply loved this chat Windows 8 app where you can easily with your friends and keep in touch with them all time, without touching the browser. Just logon to your different accounts and start chatting immediately. If you are prone to chatting, then is a must-have app for you.

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How To Download App in Windows 8:

In order to download in Windows 8, you need to head over to the app store and search for ‘’ app. Press ‘Win+Q’ to open up the Search Charm. Now, you can move ahead and install the app.

In short, is a good utility app if you are more towards keeping regular contact with your friends. Go ahead and download app in Windows 8 now.