Strategic War Game For Windows 8: ARMED!

ARMED! is a free strategy war game for Windows 8 devices which allows you to play against your opponent in a top camera angle view style. In the game, the motive is to destroy the enemy’s headquarters by building factories that deploy tanks, upping your defenses, etc. Once the enemy’s headquarters or your headquarters have been destroyed, it’s game over. The app makes for a great way to pass your time when you are free, and also keeps people of all ages entertained for hours!

ARMED! is available for free from the Windows App Store.

ARMED! app icon

Features of ARMED! for Windows 8…

When you install and launch ARMED! on your Windows 8 or your Windows 8.1 machine, you will be presented with an interface which resembles the below screenshot.

ARMED! Main Screen

In the above screen, you can choose the game mode which you wish to play. You can choose from single player or multiplayer modes, and upon choosing a mode, you will be taken to the level selection screen. Here, you can choose from multiple levels that will pose a challenge to you.

ARMED! Level Selection

Simply select a level, and click on the play button at the bottom right corner of the screen to start playing the game. You can also choose to play the tutorial level if you are not familiar with the game controls, as that will go a long way in helping you understand the controls of the game! Once the game has started, you will be presented with the gameplay screen which looks like the below screenshot.

ARMED! Gameplay

In the game, you have to build factories that deploy tanks etc. to the enemy’s headquarters. Not only can you build factories which deploy attacking units, but you can also build up defense units like laser turrets, etc. These will help to keep your headquarters safe from enemy’s attacks. You can place a building in a location by clicking on the ground, and then choosing the building that you wish to build. Then, your building will be placed and you’ll be set. Once you have placed all your buildings, you can start attacking by clicking on the play button at the bottom right corner. While playing a multiplayer game, the enemy will also get time to place their buildings, so the game will take that much time to start. The below screenshot shows what the opponent’s headquarters look like.

ARMED! Opponent's headquarters

The headquarters of the losing side explode dramatically when it’s game over, and you are able to see your damage points etc. in the game over screen.

ARMED! Game Over

You can go back to the main screen of the game (or the main menu) by clicking on the back arrow button in the top left corner of the above screen. Overall this game is a nice package of strategy and war antics that is sure to keep you hooked for hours! This wraps up the main features of ARMED!

The verdict…

ARMED! is a great game to sharpen your mental skills while staying entertained at the same time, as it works on the principle of strategically positioning your troops to attack the enemy and defend your HQ from their attacks. The game is smooth, and works great on all Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. I rate this game a 4.5 out of 5!