Song Rememberer: Windows 8 App To Remember Songs

Song Rememberer is a free Windows 8 app to remember songs available under the ‘Tools’ section of its app store. This Song Rememberer Windows 8 app lets you type-in the Song Title & Artist Name, and just ‘Add’ it to your list. Now, you might be confused about the usage of this Windows 8 app to remember songs. Well.. if that’s the case, then let me tell its extremely useful for all music lovers. At least, it has been for me. I am a die-hard radio FM lover, and I listen to all it all the time, while on the go, while working, etc. I come across to a number of beautiful songs everyday, however it is difficult to remember some of the good heard songs every time I access Internet for downloading them. Well.. here is the solution and this is where Song Rememberer app for Windows 8 comes into existence.

Windows 8 app to remember songs

All you need to do is just launch the app and start writing down the Song Title and the Artist Name (if remember) in the given box and click on ‘Add’ button. A list of all the songs will create at the left side of the screen. You can download all your noted songs later. There are options to edit, remove or delete your songs list. To open these options, just right-click anywhere on the screen. Let me quickly point out the main features of this Windows 8 app to remember songs below.

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Features Of Windows 8 App To Remember Songs:

  • Lets you note down the song’s title and artist name (if remember) to remember the songs while downloading.
  • Lets you edit, remove, or delete song name once you have downloaded it.
    Song Rememberer
  • You can easily reset the given box.
  • Lets you remember the song that you heard on FM Radio.
  • A list of songs name is created at the left side of the screen.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

Well.. I did not find this Song Remember app that fascinating as it just a type of music note pad where you can note down the song title and its artist. Well.. you can easily do it in any other regular note pad.. In fact Quick Note app is much faster than this one. Nonetheless, if you are too much organized and want your work in symmetry, then this one definitely for you. Try Song Rememberer for Windows 8 now.

How To Download Song Rememberer App In Windows 8:

  1. Open this given link in IE10, I repeat IE10, strictly.
  2. Click on ‘View in Windows Store’.
  3. You can now proceed with further installing steps.
  4. You are done..

In short, Song Rememberer is a good fun app to write down the song title along with the artist name, and you can later on download it. Go ahead and get Song Rememberer app in Windows 8 now.