Snowboard Game For Windows 8: Snowboard Party 2 Lite

Snowboard Party 2 Lite is a free Snowboard Game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Developed and published by Ratrod Studio Inc. this is one of the best snowboard games available. Enjoy this game in super smooth High Definition graphics, along with mesmerizing sound effects. Get a favorite character, a snowboard that you like, and begin snowboarding in more than 21 unique locations. Learn all the tricks and be ready for a professional snowboarding experience. Once you begin playing this snowboard game, there’s nothing that will stop you from playing this game till you finish it.

Snowboard Game

How To Install Snowboard Party 2 Lite on Windows 8 Device:

This snowboard game for Windows 8 occupies 520 MB of space, but for the gaming experience it offers, this game is worth downloading. Download it from Windows App Store. The link to the Windows App Store page is available at the bottom of this article.

Snowboard Game

How To Play Snowboard Party 2 Lite on Windows 8 Device:

This is one of the best snowboarding games for Windows 8, or any other platform. Your snowboard guy can be controlled easily with keyboard. Use WASD keys to move, and various other keys to perform tricks. there are 4 different types of game modes in this snowboard game for Windows 8. I will discuss about it later, first lets talk about the character you are going to play with.

After you enter any game mode, you are asked to select a character.

Snowboard Game

Choose an avatar that you like from a number of different characters, both male and female. You will need to unlock characters with the help of EXPs.

Snowboard Game

Click on the Snow Board icon on the same page to select a snow board you like. Again, just one board is unlocked, and others can be unlocked with EXps, which you earn while playing this snowboard game.

Let us talk about the game modes now:


This mode lets you practice different tricks and stunts. Launch from the start point, and begin to perform tricks. Take help of the Trick List to know the keys to perform a specific trick.Earn EXP for each successfuly performed trick.Snowboard Game


Perform tricks in a Halfpipe snow track, and achieve the missions to earn EXP. The more tricks you perform, the more EXP you earn. Snowboard in more than 10 different halfpipe tracks.

Snowboard Game

Big Air:

This game mode of the snowboard game lets you perform several big jumps, on a straight snow track. Perform tricks while you jump sky high.

Snowboard Game


You are given a long track to finish under a given amount of time. You just don not have to finish the track, you have to extremely careful of following a given path. If you miss the track, you loose points.

Snowboard Game

Final verdict:

All in all, this is one of the best and most addictive games for Windows 8. The graphics are surreal, so is the sound effect. Download this snowboard game today to experience it yourself.

Download Snowboard Party 2 Lite for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.