SnapyX: Free Windows 8 Photograph App

SnapyX is a free Windows 8 Photograph App that helps you to add your favorite photographs and you can also view those photos as slideshow. It’s quite a simple and easy way to add your beautiful moments or share your work with this app for Windows 8.

Now, you don’t have to make your folders every time you want to move your photographs and to view them in your boring photo editor. You can add all your favorite photographs on this advanced Windows 8 photograph app and you can easily view a slideshow of all the photos on this Windows 8 app anytime you want to. Just click on the album you want to view and just watch whatever you have added floating in front of your eyes.


So, you can look at the interface, isn’t it beautiful? Well, I think it is. The last added album will act as the background slideshow with beautiful pictures will appear and get fade time to time. And trust me, it’s really beautiful. Just add your favorite pictures in an album, mark them according to your preference and you are good to go then.

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You can see above that you just have to click on the pictures in an order you want to make them flow. And, further if you want to add more, then just click on the ‘Add’ button. Play the slideshow.


You can see that how the image looks like using SnapyX. You can add more slideshows by using the ‘New Slideshow’ button and can also view all the slideshows with the help of ‘See All Slideshow’ option. Get this free Windows 8 movie app under on your desktop and view your beautiful moments with some more elegance.