Skitch: Free Windows 8 Photo Editing App

Skitch is a free Windows 8 photo editing app used for decorating your favorite photos and not that just all, you can actually share those photos with your family or friends.

Basically, it is new way to communicate with your friends in a different way, you can use those photos to convey your message to them. You can draw lines and other figures over images. I know you guys will be bored out of that stale old type of written mails, so now its an interesting way to send emails in a more photographic way, like you can add some text to images to convey a message to your friends. Add something funny art, frames, or just decorate it more. Once you have pen down your innovative ideas, now you can now send it through email or just share with your other friends.


Its kind of fun. Just select a photograph from the Windows Explorer and you can edit it with whatever you like. Or, you can use the Camera option to click a photograph on the spot and start editing it in your own way.


In addition to that, you can also draw something by your own. Its like painting or drawing some lines and all. Just for fun or you can create your own message in your own unique way.

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Well, you can see above, I have drawn that thing, or can see, I have written that with the pen tool, and may be I was not so perfect writing that, so I used the text box tool. You can save your work in any folder. Now you don’t have to send those same old text mail, you can now create your own photographic mail over this Windows 8 photo app.