Skiing Fred: Free Windows 8 Running Game To Ski Instead of Run

Skiing Fred is a free Windows 8 game app. This is a running game for Windows 8, like, Temple Run. But instead of running, you are actually skiing in this game. You are a character named Fred who has to constantly ski, dodging various obstacles that come in the way. You use arrow keys to control the character as well as jump. When you ski, there are lot of coins, gems, and fruits also that come in the way, which you have to collect. There are many obstacles which you have to cross. There are missions also in the game, which you have to complete.

Based on points and gems that you collect and missions you complete, you can buy extra powers as well as unlock more levels and increase difficultly. Complete resemblance to Temple Run, isn’t it?

The download size of this game app is just 33 MB, but it still has awesome graphics and very nice music. The game ran very smoothly for me, without any hiccups.

Skiing Fred - skiing

Skiing Fred For Windows 8:

If you have been playing Temple Run, or other running games, since a long time, then you can try Skiing Fred to get a different feel to familiar gameplay. I actually found this game more difficult than Temple Run, which actually is a good thing. Also, there are many different type of obstacles that come, which adds to fun.

You can get this game from Windows 8 App store by clicking on the link at the end of this review.

When you start the game, the game starts by showing you the missions that you have to complete. After that, you just need to click on Play to start the game.

Skiing Fred - Mission Screen
Your character enters the game by falling from the cliff. As soon as he lands, he starts skiing. You can move him left or right by using left and right arrow keys respectively. To make him jump, press the forward arrow key, and use backward arrow key to slow him down (very useful in case of rotating grinders). To speed up, just keep the front arrow key pressed.

As you ski, there will be lots of coins that will come in your path. You need to collect as many of them as possible. These will be used later for upgrading, as well as buying lot of extra strengths. In addition to coins, there will be gems as well, which again you have to collect. Some of the upgrades can be purchased by gems only.

Skiing Fred - Near Coins

There are some fruits also. Gathering fruits will give you extra points.

The game is an endless game, and you can keep skiing till you are killed (primarily by hitting an obstacle, or falling off a gap in the snow). Depending on where is your character killed, you might have to start all over again. The game gives you an option to resurrect from the same location, by using one gem (and hence, you need to collect as many gems as possible).

Various Upgrades and Customizations in the game:

The best part of this game is that there are lot of upgrades and customizations available.

You can change your character, and even change the surfboard.

Skiing Fred - Upgrade Character


You can even change the course.

Skiing Fred - Upgrade World

You can buy lot of powers

Skiing Fred - Upgrade Power

All the upgrades can be purchased with coins and gems. In case you don’t have enough coins and gems, you can purchase them as well from within the game.

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My Opinion of Skiing Fred Game for Windows 8:

This game is definitely lot of fun. I have been a huge fan of Temple Run game, but was bored with it since quite some time. This game gave me a familiar gameplay as Temple Run, but with a completely different interface, and better characters as well as upgrade options. Even the obstacles are a lot better.

If you love running games, then definitely try this Windows 8 running game – Skiing Fred. You won’t regret it.

Get Skiing Fred from Windows Store here.