Shoot The Pineapples In This Windows 8 Shooting Game

Shoot The Pineapple is a Windows 8 Shooting Game app. In this game, you have to shoot the Pineapples with the arrows and bow you are provided with. The distance between the Pineapple and where you are standing gradually increases as you progress through the game. The game has 17 levels to play, with the distance between the pineapple and you ranging from 20 feet to up to 100 feet.

Now, here comes the interesting point of the  game. The Pineapple is carried by your friend on his head. So, you have to take care that the arrow you shoot for the pineapple does not hit your friend’s body, or he may die and you may lose your Game. One thing to be remember is that the game  uses blood a lot, and  is very brutal. So, it is not recommended for those users who are below 18 years of age.

Shoot The Pineapple

Shoot The Pineapple is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Playing this Windows 8 Shooting Game:

As you land into Shoot The Pineapple, the option to start playing would be shown to you right at the landing page of the game.

Shoot The Pineapple- Landing page

As you use this option, the game will start. It mainly consist of two characters. One is you yourself, and the other is your friend. Your friend will keep the pineapple on his head and will stand at a distance from you. You have to shoot the pineapple.


One of the main feature of the game is that it uses very easy controls. You just have to move your mouse around, and your arrow’s aim would follow the cursor. Keep the left mouse button pressed, and the power bar will show the power with which the arrow would be projected. The longer the button is pressed, more would be the power up. As you release the button, the arrow would be released.

Shoot The Pineapple- Game play

Your round (level) and the distance between the initial point where you are standing and the target, would be shown at the top left side of the game area.

As you hit the target, you will clear the level and would be asked to get to the next level. In the next level the distance will increase, and would the difficulty level.

Be sure about hitting the pineapple at the right point, or you might hit your friend.  If you hit him, firstly your game would be lost, and also he would loose his life. The game uses blood and guts.

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Key Features of Shoot The Pineapple

  • Free: The game is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • The interface of the game is quite nice.
  • The controls are quite easy.
  • 17 levels to play with gradually increasing difficulty level.

Final Conclusion

Finally, to conclude, I would like to add that Shoot the Pineapple is quite is quite a nice Windows 8 Shooting game with easy controls. The difficulty level gradually increase with each level. Be sure about trying it to know better. Do share your experience with us.

Get Shoot The Pineapples here