Set Wallpapers, Lock Screen Using This Windows 8 Wallpaper App

FunUtilities is a Windows 8 Wallpaper App. You can use this app to get wallpapers for free. You can also set them to your lock screen. There is also an option to change the account picture of your Windows 8 user account.

The app provides you with a database of more than 4500 high quality wallpapers. The wallpapers that this app provides, are available from FunUtilities is freely available in the Entertainment category of Windows Store.


 Using this Windows 8 Wallpaper app

As you get to the app, all the wallpapers will be shown organized as tiles, and categorized according to different types.

FunUtilities- Main screen

The main categories that are available here are Animals, Architecture, Art, Desktop, and many more. Click on any category, and you would be shown all the available wallpapers. If you choose to view any wallpaper, the main options available for it would be shown on the same page in a vertical panel on the right side. You can always use the bottom flyout to view all the options.

Let me explain to you the main options that the app provides for the wallpapers available here.

FunUtilities- Options

Update your lock screen picture

Use the first option available on the panel and you can set the wallpaper as your lock screen picture that appears when you start your Windows 8 System.

FunUtilities- Set Lock screen picture

Set your Windows 8 account picture

Use the second option that appears on the panel and you can set the wallpaper as your Windows 8 account picture that appears on the top right side of your start screen.

FunUtilities- Set account picture

Download the wallpaper to your local storage

You can use the third option that is available in the app to download the wallpapers to your local storage. The wallpapers will be saved in .jpg format.

Set the wallpapers to your desktop background

You can set the wallpaper on your desktop by using the fourth option that is available on the panel. The option will open the web link in the Windows 8 IE app. From there you can download and set the wallpaper as your desktop background.

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Key Features of  FunUtilities

  • There is an option to download the wallpapers that are present here.
  • You can set wallpapers as your lock screen picture, and account picture.
  • The wallpapers  are of nice quality.
  • The app is freely available in Windows store.

My Verdict

FunUtilities lacks at setting the wallpaper as desktop background. The option that is available in the app for this, opens a web link of the wallpaper instead of downloading it directly to your system. This is something the app should be improved on. For rest of the things, the app is quite useful. You can try it.

Get FunUtilities here!