Robot Battle Game For Windows 8: Robotek

Robotek is a free robot battle game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. In the game, your sole motive is to defeat the opponent robot. The game has amazing graphics, and incredibly smooth gameplay effects. The background of the game is animated, and gives it a feel that the game is something straight from the future. In the game, you have to select your moves via the rotating slot machine by taking it for a spin. When the wheels of the slots are spun, you will be provided with three different moves when the wheels stop. The three moves translate to the actions that your robot will perform to beat the opponent. The concept might sound a bit complex, but actually it’s pretty easy to comprehend once you get the grasp of it.

Robotek can be installed for free from the Windows App Store.

Robotek Gameplay

Features of Robotek:

When you fire up Robotek upon installation, you will be presented with a brief battle tutorial. In this tutorial, you will be shown the basics of battle. When the tutorial is complete, you will be shown a prompt on your screen telling you about the same.

Robotek Battle Tutorial Complete

When the tutorial is completed, you will be taken to the next screen of the game which is nothing but the main menu of the game. The main menu provides you with a host of options which can be used for purposes like starting a new game, changing the game options, etc.

Robotek Main Screen

You can choose the game mode upon clicking the Start button above. The game offers modes like Campaign, Multiplayer or Tutorial.

Robotek Choose Game Mode

When the game starts, you will be taken to the level selection screen which is a digitally rendered world map with a futuristic aura to it.

Robotek Game Level Select

When you have selected the level from the available yellow dots illuminated on the map, you will be taken to the gameplay interface where you can see two battle droids facing each other on a futuristic battlefield. The game’s background score has a nice feel to it, and will prompt you to keep playing on.

Robotek Gameplay

To make a move, you can click on the green arrow button at the top left to spin the wheels. To stop the wheels, click on the green arrow again. You can choose your special ability from the bottom of the screen. Your aim is to destroy the battle droid or the robot with the blue ring. The battle is over when you or the enemy is destroyed.

Robotek Victory

You will be shown your credit points earned after the battle, and these will help you better in your next battles. What do I love about this game? Basically everything there is! Before I forget, let me tell you that the game is completely ad free as well!

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Robotek is a pretty well designed game with a nice overall ring. The game makes for a great way to pass your time and the best part of the game is that it is incredibly lightweight considering its graphics, background score and gaming performance. The game is completely free of pestering ads and hence offers an uninterrupted and amazing gameplay experience!

I would have no hesitation in rating this game a 4.5 / 5!

Get Robotek.