Reddit App For Windows 8: Redditting

Redditting is a free Reddit App for Windows 8. Redditting app is a Reddit client on Windows 8 to browse Reddit; with or without a log in at Reddit website.

Redditing app allows you to view the Reddit posts similar to the Reddit Webpage. You can: read posts, comments, save images, and interact with your Reddit account; using this app. This app is available in the Social category of Windows Store and the download size is less than 2MB.

redditting app

Reddit App For Windows 8:

Reddit is a famous social website in which users post images and funny posts. You can vote or unlike the posts and comment on them according to your opinion. There are various categories in Reddit like: funny, pics, politics, gaming, technology, world news, videos, and more. This Reddit App for Windows 8 provides the same experience of the website in this app itself.

After launching the Redditting app, the interface of the app looks like shown in above screenshot. You can log in or just browse the Reddit posts directly. As you can see, there are various categories same like that of the website: frontpage, all, adviceanimals, askReddit, atheism, aww, best of, and much more. On the right side of those categories, you can view the the posts related to that category. Click on any of the post that interest’s you and you will see the the picture and comments related to it.

redditting app page

If you want more options, then just right click on the post and you will find options like: expand link, split view comments|post, save image, and open in browser. Click on expand link to open a full view of the post. Use the split view to view the posts and comments. Use the save image option to save the image to your pictures folder on Windows 8. Open in browser, opens the post in your default browser of Windows 8.

You can even log in with multiple accounts by choosing the add accounts option. You can also search for subreddits in the search option provided.

windows 8 reddit app

Features of Windows 8 Redditting App:

Here are the features of this Reddit app for Windows 8:

  • Redditting app is free to use.
  • Easy to browse Reddit, using this app with/without a log in.
  • You can add multiple accounts to this app.
  • You can search for subreddits and subscribe also.
  • You can read comments and enter new ones.
  • This app supports snap mode also.

redditting app snap mode

Download and Install Redditting App:

You can download and install the Redditting app from Windows Store. Just open this link in your Internet Explorer of Windows 8 and from there you can view the app in Windows Store.

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