Soda PDF 3D Reader For Windows 8

Soda PDF 3D Reader is a free 3D reader for Windows 8 that allows you to read PDF files in 3D mode. The difference between it an any normal PDF viewer is that Soda PDF 3D Reader for Windows 8 lets you read PDF files in book/magazine style. Here, you don’t scroll, instead you flip pages as you would when reading a real book.

It can be concluded that Soda PDF 3D Reader is more about the different kind of interface. Additionally, the  application also supports PDF viewing in normal mode as well.  The top features of this online PDF reader for Windows 8 are listed below.

  • You can easily read, open, save and print books, catalogues, magazines etc. in PDF format.
  • Read PDF files in 3D view without having to convert the file.
  • Easy PDF search and support for bookmark.

Using Soda PDF 3D Reader For Windows 8:

  • On your first visit, you will be provided with following  interface. Soda-PDF-3D-Reader-Windows-8
  • Now, click on Browse button and select a PDF files to open. It is suggested that you open a PDF with multiple pages.
  • Once you have selected the PDF click on it and soon it will be loaded for you. 3D-PDF-Reader-Windows-8
  • Upon Right click you will notice a horizontal panel to the bottom section of the interface. There you will find different controls for viewing the PDF in different modes. Soda-PDF-3D-Reader-options
  • The different PDF viewing modes are single, continuous, facing, facing continuous, and the special 3D view. To open, save and to close file you will have to click on ‘More’ button in rightmost corner and select the appropriate option.

* To search for a text you can press ‘Ctrl+F’ button and type the text that you want to search followed by a hit on enter button.

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Soda PDF 3D Reader For Windows 8 is a nice application. The slight glitch with it is that about readability. On to turning multiple pages (scrolling in 3D view) the interface does not appears so impressive.

Installing Soda PDF 3D Reader For Windows 8:

To install Soda 3D PDF Reader you can click on this link. On the app detail page you will need to click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button. (IE 10 or higher is recommended as other web browsers might not redirect you to app store). This 12.9 MB application won’t be taking much to install on your machine.