Read Transformers Comics Free With Madefire for Windows 8

Madefire is a free comic book reader app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices which has a large database of comic books. Currently for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, it is offering users the ability to download and read Transformers comics for free. The app developer promises free access to Batman, etc. comics in future via updates, and I’m really excited to see the same. The app has a very clean look to it, and when you install and launch it on your device, you will be given the option to select the comic that you wish to read. Depending on the speed of your internet, the comics will download on your device when you click on the Download button, and then you can read them offline as well.

Madefire is available for free from the Windows Store.

Madefire app icon

Features of Madefire for Windows 8…

When you install and launch Madefire on your Windows 8 device, you will be presented with the interface which looks like the below screenshot.

Madefire Main Screen

The above screen will show you the tiles of available comics. You can easily select and view the comics that you wish to read by simply clicking on the tiles available on your screen. When you click on the tile to a comic, you will be presented with the next interface which looks like the below screenshot. Here, you can choose to download the comic, or if you already have downloaded it, you can choose to delete the comic from your device storage.

Madefire Download Comic

Once you have clicked on the Download button, it changes to the Preparing button which indicates that the comic is being downloaded in the background. Once downloaded, you can choose to read the comic easily.

Madefire comic screen

The comics are presented in a pretty decent quality, and the app makes sure that you can easily read them. you can scroll to reveal more text in the comic. To reveal the control bar, simply right click anywhere in the comic screen page, and you will be presented with an interface that allows you to go back to the previous screen, or to view the help section of the app. The control bar can be seen clearly in the above screen of the app. Basically this sums up the how to and the main features of using the Madefire app on your Windows 8 device. I do hope that you will have fun reading all these free comics in a high definition interface!

You can also check out another free comic reader, Comicana.

The verdict…

Madefire is an amazing free comic reader that allows you access to free Transformers comics, and on top of that, it has an amazing interface. What’s more, the app is completely free, ad free and also does not allow you to do any needless sign ups or log ins to simply use the app. It gives a whole new definition to what a free app can truly do, and is a smack in the face of the other free apps that promise the same functionality but fail to deliver. I absolutely love this app incessantly for its ability to provide great content, that too for completely free!

I rate this app a 4 out of 5.

Get Madefire.