Racing Game For Windows 8: Speed Car Stunts 3D

Speed Car Stunts 3D is a free Racing Game For Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Developed by Spark Trigger Studios this thrilling game makes your stunting dreams come true. Buckle up to drive one of the meanest cars, and perform unbelievable stunts. This game lets you perform some death defying stunts. These cars are equipped with NOS, so what are you waiting for?

Racing Game For Windows 8

How To Install Speed Car Stunts 3D On Windows 8 Devices:

With a size of just 43.7 MB, this racing game for Windows 8 has too much to offer. Search for this game in the Windows App Store in the search box. You may also follow the link at the bottom of this article. Click install to download and automatically install this racing game for Windows 8.

Racing Game For Windows 8

How To Play Speed Car Stunts 3D On Windows 8 Devices:

Playing this racing game for Windows 8 is as simple as other car racing games. But the gameplay is far better than other racing games on Windows 8. This game welcomes you with options to choose a car. When you play this game for the first time, only one car is unlocked. There are other cars as well, but they are locked. You have to collect points as you play, to unlock these levels.

Racing Game For Windows 8

After you select the car, select a level to begin playing. There are various levels, but only the first level is unlocked. Play the levels to unlock further levels. The first few levels are very easy to cross. The first stunt comes in the second level. The first stunt is a Ramp jump. Use the Navigation Key to move the car, and press shift to activate NOS. Cross the ramp to move to the next level.

Racing Game For Windows 8

The speedo dial shows the speed of the car. This game is also configured for touch devices. You can play this racing game for Windows 8 on your Windows 8 tablets. This game has breath taking stunts to be performed. Complete the levels to find out, and experience the thrill on your own. The visuals are pretty decent for a game of such small size. Also the sound effects are realistic.

Our Verdict:

This racing game for Windows 8 is a decent install for your computer. The number of levels, and the superb gameplay makes this game an addictive one for those who love racing games.

Download Speed Car Stunts 3D for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices today, and experience an out of the world gaming.