Puzzle Game App For Windows 8: Match A Shape

Match ‘A’ Shape Application is a free puzzle game app for Windows 8 in which you need to complete puzzles by dragging and placing the tiles in their correct position. This is a tile slider puzzle game in which you need to move or slide tiles into their correct position for completing the puzzle.

Puzzle App 001

Match A Shape is a jigsaw puzzle game that displays a complete puzzle picture at the top left side of the screen. This puzzle picture is basically a hint for you, as it says that your completed puzzle should look like the puzzle picture. And with the help of this puzzle picture, you can easily complete your puzzle by moving the tiles and placing them on their right position as shown in the puzzle picture.

Puzzle App

Some people do not play the puzzle games due to the tough and complicated levels in it, but i am quite sure that you will enjoy playing this simple puzzle game as it’s not that tough or complicated to play. There are three stages in this puzzle game  i.e Nice ‘N’ Easy, Mind Breaker, and Insane and each stage has 25 levels in it. These three stages are systematically arranged depending on their difficulty as first stage i.e Nice ‘N’ Easy is very easy to play, Second stage i.e Mind Breaker is little bit difficult, and third stage i.e Insane is the toughest stage from all.

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The worst part of this puzzle game app is that all levels are locked except the first level in each stage and you have to clear each level to unlock and play the next level. The good part is that this puzzle game do not impose any condition on number of stars for playing the next level.

The interface of this puzzle app is simply awesome and comes with options like steps, time, and best. Using steps option, you can view the steps that you took to complete the puzzle. With time option, you can view the time taken by you to complete a puzzle. The best thing about this puzzle game is that it don’t impose any time limit for completing the puzzle. So you can take your time for accurately completing the puzzle.

Match ‘A’ Shape Application is a fun puzzle game to play on Windows 8 for free. Try this puzzle game app from Windows 8 App Store and have fun with it.