PrimoPDF: Free PDF Creator For Windows 8

PrimoPDF is a simple and lightweight PDF creator for Windows 8. This utility allows you to convert any printable image, document, webpage, or other kind of file to PDF format. In other words, if a file can be printed using a Microsoft application, then you can easily create a PDF for it using PrimoPDF.

A unique thing about PrimoPDF is that it installs itself as a virtual printer and appears as one of the Printer option when you give print command to a document in any application. From there you can choose PrimoPDF icon and proceed with converting the document into PDF format. It’s as simple as that!

PrimoPDF is available for free and you don’t require paying a single penny. Moreover, there is no limitation regarding number of PDF printings you can perform. The obtained PDF files do not contain any watermarks.

Installing PrimoPDF on Windows 8:

  • You can easily obtain the setup file by clicking here.
  • After downloading the file, double click on it to open.
  • Rest is all about following the instructions stated in PrimoPDF installation wizard.

After installing PrimoPDF you can now configure it as per requirement.

Configuring PrimoPDF:

  • On the start screen you will find the logo of PrimoPDF; click on it and you will be provided with following interface in front of you. Primo PDF - Start Screen
  • There you will be presented with tabs heading ‘Screen’, ‘eBook’, ‘Print’, ‘Prepress’, and ‘Custom’. Under each you will find different options to change document properties (varying from smallest documents to largest) and PDF security. Under PDF security you can set a password for opening the PDF file or for changing security permissions of the file .

Creating PDFs:

  • To create a PDF, first give a print command to the file  by pressing ‘Ctrl+p’ or by selecting ‘File> print’ from the menu bar in respective application.
  • Now choose NitroPDF from the “Printer” option.
    PrimoPDF - Create PDF
  • Finally select the appropriate Tab (as per desired quality of image and file size) and click on ‘Create PDF’ button to initiate PDF printing (as shown in the screenshot above).

In no time the newly created PDF will be in front of you. Alternatively, you can simply drag the desired file and drop it on PrimoPDF’s icon to process the file as a PDF document.

Key Features of PrimoPDF:

  • Free PDF creator, printer, and converter for Windows 8.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Integration with all Microsoft applications.
  • Custom PDF settings.
  • Lightweight.

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PrimoPDF is an excellent PDF creator freeware for Windows 8. It has all the pros a good PDF creator or converter should have; however, when it comes to printing webpages, it may not maintain the hyperlinks if the complete URL is not specified. And the obtained PDF might also look somewhat different from the source file. Rest everything is fine with the software. Download now and give it a try.

Get PrimoPDF here!

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