Play Me: Media Player App For Windows 8

Play Me is a free Media player app for Windows 8. It can be easily located under Entertainment section of Windows Store. This media player has got a simple interface and is capable of playing media files in MP3, MP4, AVI, XVID, and WMV formats. This is what, you usually have on your Windows 8 machine and therefore Play Me is likely to prove a good option for you.

On launching Play Me media player Windows 8 app, you’ll be presented an interface as on screenshot below.


To show or hide the horizontal bar at bottom you will require right-clicking on the blank region of screen. Let us now have a look on the how-to section …

Using Play Me Media Player App For Windows 8:

  • In the bottom-left exits the button stating ‘Folder’. Click on it, to locate media on your machine. On reaching the directory with media file you will need to click on particular media file followed by a click on OK button placed on bottom right. (You will be able to select only one media file at a time).
  • Soon, the playback will begin and you can you will be able to utilize other controls on the interface. The play button will toggle to pause on click. In its right the stop button.
  • To forward or rewind you can utilize the seek bar as per requirement.
  • Adjacent to the seek bar is the button to mute and in the right most corner there exists a slider for adjusting the volume.

That much will be sufficient to meet your playback requirement.

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  • Open this link in IE10.
  • Click ‘View in Windows Store’ to open the app in Windows Store.
  • Then click on ‘Install’ button and it won’t take much time to install this app that sizes only 60 KB.

Looking at overall impression delivered by Play Me Windows 8 media player app, I hardly have any issues in recommending it. It is a really simple and lightweight application. By simple, I mean a really simple app with nothing out of the box. It may not appear appealing for an instance, but is a nice choice for sure.