Planner App For Windows 8: PepperPlate

PepperPlate is a planner app for Windows 8. If you are a serious cooking addict and would like things to go accordingly, this app is the best tool. This app let’s you plan your cooking time, store recipes, plan what cooking items you have to buy, and you can also set reminders; to get back to kitchen on time. PepperPlate is a recipe, menu, and cooking planner. This planner app for Windows 8 let’s you manage upcoming parties and cooking schedules like a pro. This app needs an internet connection and a one time login.

planner app for windows 8

How To Use Pepperplate:

Use Pepperplate as a planner app on your windows 8. Schedule and cook accordingly. Add your favorite recipes from other websites. Plan before hand for a party and what recipes you have to prepare accordingly. Create reminders and much more using this app. First you will need to create an account in this app. Let’s see how to use this app.

The main interface of the app looks like above screenshot. The app is divided in to four sections: planner, recipes, menus, and shopping.

  • Planner: In planner section, you can plan cooking schedules for morning, mid day, and evening. Click on one of these sections according to the day, then you can input any activity and a reminder for cooking. You can set in how much time, you have to return back to cooking and the app will automatically remind you; even if you close this app.
    planner pepperplate
  • Recipes: In recipes section, you can create recipes to add them to your schedules. You can input notes, name of recipe, ingredients, and the URL from which it has to be backed up. You can create any number of recipes and then all these recipes will be displayed in the home page.
    recipe planner
  • Menu: You can combine all the recipes, you have created earlier into menus. You can create menus with a title, notes, and categories. You can add these items to your planner also.
  • Shopping: This category is a smart category. When you input a name of food item, you have to purchase and press enter. The app will automatically group it according to the food category. If it does not group the item, just click on it an move it to the category you want. This helps you in finding the items easily; while shopping.

windows 8 planner app

Features of Planner App for Windows 8:

Here are the features of Pepperplate app:

  • Pepperplate app is free.
  • Store your favorite recipes at one place and plan when to cook them.
  • Create reminders on your Windows 8 device for cooking items.
  • Feed recipes from your favorite cooking websites.
  • You can copy paste from other cooking apps like: All recipes or Cocktail app.
  • You can combine all recipes in to menus and plan for parties or holidays.
  • Your recipes will be backed on your Windows 8. Even when there is no internet connection, you can access the recipes.
  • Use the app in snap mode also.

windows 8 planner app snap mode

Installing PepperPlate on Windows 8:

PepperPlate is categorized in to food 7 dining app. Click open this link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. View the app in Windows store and install it.

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