Physamajig: Windows 8 Physics App

Physamajig is a free Windows 8 Physics App where you can learn physics with a lot of fun or you can play with physics in your own crazy way.

Physamajig is kind of fun game app for Windows 8 where you can give shape to your imagination and let it flow with your creativity. You can actually draw anything you want and later you can provide it with various actions to be performed. Its like giving birth to a Frankenstein, you circulate high voltage electric shocks through its body and make it locomotive. Same is what Physamajig do.  You can draw various shapes and sizes and can, put them in action or can create own game with it. It will be a challenge for you to master this game and you can work out with the phenomenon of physics but with real fun and frolic.


So this is how the interface of this Windows 8 physics app looks like. There are some sample creations you can see and they are created for fun. These are small games created by people like us. So, what’s the big deal, we can easily create something by our own. You can create a number of things on Physamajig and can easily play it like a small movie. It’s quite a brain teaser for the kids.

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Just like that, you can easily create you own short clip or you can create your own game like angry birds where you can explode something by throwing a giant chicken or here a boulder. You can set it to Free with the Physics option and the object you have drawn with the tools will act as a free-falling object. And there are a number of tools to do that.


This is a sample mini game you can play and edit it according to your imagination. So, this Windows 8 App really lets you give your imagination some real action. Go ahead and install Physamajig app for Windows 8 now. Learn how to search an app in Windows 8 posted by us.