Perform Audio Editing With Audio Pitch & Shift On Windows 8

Audio Pitch & Shift is a free software to change the pitch of audio track without affecting the speed or modifies the speed of audio track without affecting pitch. This free software to change auto pitch & shift on Windows 8 is a handy tool with an ease of use.

It’s mostly recommended for musicians who want to change the speed of an audio track or slow down the pitch of a music track.

Supports multiple file formats mp3,  wav, ogg,  mp1, aiff, mp2, m2a, m1a, mpg, mpa, mpeg, mp3pro, aif and much more. It also shows the BPM (Beats Per Minute) detection.

You can easily compile audio track with Distortion, Chorus, Flanger, Echo and Reverb FX.

Key Features Of Audio Pitch & Shift on Windows 8:

    • Allows to change the speed of audio track.
    • Allows to change the pitch of an audio track.
    • Shows the BPM (Beats Per Minute) detection.
    • Automatically checks for new updates.
    • Render the file according to selected  speed and pitch
    • Allows to manage the playlist
    • support multiple file formats.
    • Portable version (No need for installation)Audio Pitch & Shift

Requirement To Run The Application:

  • Requires framework .NET 4
  • It also requires (DirectX 8 required) or higher installed to your PC.
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How To Install Audio Pitch & Shift On Your PC:

  • Get into the Homepage to download the Audio Pitch & Shift to your PC.
  • Click on the download link .
  • A zip file would be downloaded to your PC.
  • Un Zip the File formats.
  • Execute the file on your PC.
  • Portable version (No need for installation required).

Audio Pitch & Shift is an excellent tool for musicians who need to compose songs by depreciating the pitch or speed of an audio track.

Recommend for all home users……