Official Reader’s Digest App For Windows 8: Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is the official Reader’s Digest App for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 that allows you to read articles online for free. The app is available as a free download for Windows 8, and has a nice reader interface which allows you to easily read online articles for no cost at all. Reader’s Digest has a great assortment of articles, and via its control bar, it easily allows you to switch categories of articles to jokes, etc. Overall, this is a pretty neat and minimalist app.

Reader’s Digest is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Reader's Digest App icon

Main features of Reader’s Digest for Windows 8:

Reader’s Digest when installed and launched on your device, presents you with an interface which resembles the below screenshot. This is the main screen of the app, with the links to all the articles that you can read quickly.

Reader's Digest

In the above screen when you click on any of the links displayed, you will be presented with the article reader interface where the article will load up in a full screen view. The article makes for a good read, and also is great for purposes other than passing your time, say, like for gaining knowledge as well! The article reader interface looks like the below screenshot.

Reader's Digest Reader Page

As you can see, you are presented with the article in the full screen view, along with pictures as well. I noticed that the app loads up articles fairly quickly even on slow connections, although loading up the pictures may take some time. Coming back to the features of the app, the app also allows you to quickly change categories of the articles displayed by right clicking anywhere on the screen, and then by selecting the appropriate category by choosing it from the control bar at the top of the screen. The control bar has cleverly and neatly organized buttons for categories in a minimalistic style, which really compliments the entire app interface. Talking about the control bar, you can see the control bar in the screenshot attached below.

Reader's Digest Control Bar

As you can see above, the control bar houses toggles that allow you to switch to Front Page, Food, Home, Jokes, Health, Advice and True Stories categories. As soon as you click on any of these categories, you will be provided with articles containing relevant information of the category that you selected. To sum it all up, this basically concludes the major features of the app in a nutshell, and I do hope that you will surely enjoy reading articles on this app!

The verdict:

Reader’s Digest is a great app that you can download and have on your device if you are looking for an app that allows you to quickly and easily read articles at the click of a button, and overall, the app is well designed to make for a great companion with your morning cup of coffee. The app’s design fits in well with the Windows 8 app guidelines, making it look native to the Windows 8 ecosystem, and the versatility of the app make it truly worthy of a 4 out of 5 rating!

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