Official Bravo TV Windows 8 App: Bravo Now

Bravo Now is the official app of Bravo TV for Windows 8 and 8.1 which gives you access to the shows aired on Bravo TV, their schedule, and the inside trivia. When you launch the app, you will be able to see and read about the various shows via an interface of horizontally scrollable tiles of the shows. When you click on each show, you will be able to see the episodes, and the video clips associated with it. You can only see the last full length episode for free, as the other episodes for the shows will not be available in the app. You can however choose to view from a large list of other video clips related to the show which you have clicked on. You can also see the schedule for the various shows by launching the control bar, and then clicking on the Schedule button.

Bravo Now is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Bravo Now for Windows 8 and 8.1:

When you launch Bravo Now app, you will be shown the below interface.

Bravo Now Main screen

Simply scroll to the right in the above screen and you will be able to see the tiles of various shows that the app gives you access to. You can take a closer look at this in the screenshot below.

Bravo Now shows

Clicking on a particular show will show you the content related to it present in the app. In the below screenshot, you can see the interface which pops up when I click on Top Chef Duels show name.

Bravo Now shows episode clips

You can access all the video clips and other content associated with the show available in the app via the above screenshot. If you click on a particular video, you will be taken to its playback screen.

Bravo Now Video Playback

The video playback toggles are revealed when you hover over the video being played back. In the app, you can also access the schedule of the shows via right clicking on any empty space. If you do that, you will be shown an interface like the below screenshot.

Bravo Now control bar

Simply click on Schedules in the top right corner, and you will be shown the schedule for the Bravo TV channel for the entire day in the following format.

Bravo Now Schedule

This pretty much winds up all the features of Bravo Now for Windows 8 and 8.1.

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Bravo Now is a well designed app for Windows 8 and 8.1 which gives you access to cool stuff related to shows aired on Bravo TV. The app is lightweight and is pretty user friendly as well!

Get Bravo Now.