NotesTab: Windows 8 Notes App

NotesTab is free Windows 8 Notes app available under the ‘Productivity’ section of Windows 8 app store. This notes Windows 8 app lets you take quick notes of the things that are to-be done, so that you do not forget any important task throughout the day. This notes app has been designed in a way that offer possible fastest note-taking experience.

You can easily write down your thoughts and ideas or any other important information and just forget everything. This notes app for Windows 8 will take care of everything.. you can access it anytime when you need. You can create new notes, read or edit existing one, make a note as your favorite, or just share notes with others, from within the app. For this, you need to first create a new note by clicking on ‘+’ (Plus) button given in the box. As you click on ‘+’ button, you will be asked to type in the tasks or important things you need to remember. Now, once you have created new note, now right-click on the existing note ? at the bottom you will find a horizontal panel including all these functions that I have just mentioned.

Windows 8 notes app

In addition, there are many other functions that you can access such as modifying the font text, font size, or just changing the theme of the note app according to your preferences. Once you have installed the app, now you do not need any Internet connection to access it. Let me quickly point out the key features of this Windows 8 notes app below.

Key Features Of Windows 8 Notes App:

  • Lets you create take quick notes of the things that are to-be done.
  • Makes you remember al your important tasks, note down you precious ideas and thoughts.
  • Lets you create new notes, read or edit existing ones, make a note as you favorite, and share notes with others.
    notes Windows 8 app
  • Comes with functions such as modifying the font text, font size, or changing the theme.
  • It’s very easy and reliable to use.
  • It is available for free to install.

Well.. I really liked this note taking Windows 8 app. You can create new notes and type down your ideas, you thoughts, your daily tasks, or some important info.. It’s a good utility Windows 8 notes app that can prove a good addition to your Windows 8 apps collection.

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How To Install NotesTab App In Windows 8:

  1. Open the link strictly in IE10.
  2. Click ‘View in Windows Store and proceed with installation.
  3. You will get the app in next few seconds.

In short, NotesTab is a good utility notes Windows 8 app to create notes, to remember things, to note down ideas, just everything. Go ahead and download NotesTab app in Windows 8 nw.