Newsy: Video News App For Windows 8

Newsy is a free video News app for Windows 8 available under the ‘News & Weather’ category of Windows 8 store. This free Windows 8 video News app brings you all the updated news and other happenings around the world. The stories have been divided into various categories such as Breaking News, US, World, Business, Politics, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, and more.

Unlike other News apps, Newsy brings you short videos which drives your understanding of a recently updated news by analyzing context from various sources worldwide. Let me make it very clear that Newsy is not a news aggregator. It’s a simple video news Windows 8 app that produces short videos on daily basis highlighting the main points in the news reporting. You can share these videos with your friends via Email, Facebook, or Twitter. Also, you can go onto sources to know more about a particular story.

What I Liked About This Video News App For Windows 8:

What made me towards Newsy Windows 8 app is its beautiful column-based tiles interface. As you open the app. you will see a various categories separated in different columns. Each category has various related news reporting, all in tiles form. Click on any News tile to open the news and to watch the short news video. To browse around the categories, scroll the mouse wheel or the horizontal bar towards the right. You will find more and more categories. Also, there is also an option to sort News by Most Recent, Most Popular, Most Commented. You can sort the appearance of news according to your preferences.

Video News App For Windows 8

But, the best part is yet to come… as you click on any news tile, it will bring you a screen where you will find the selected news video playing along with displaying the sources at the top right corner. Now, the best part here is that you can read the transcript, in case you are unable to understand the accent properly. To open the transcript part, right-click anywhere on the video ? a horizontal panel will open at the bottom of the screen ? click on ‘Transcript’ button to open the transcript. Once opened, half the screen will play the video while the other will show the transcript of the news. The quality of videos is very rich and do not take time in buffering. It starts playing as you open the video.

Video News App For Windows 8

Another thing that I found really interesting in this video news app for Windows 8  is the live tiles. The app keeps the live tile updated will the latest news to help you read the recent headlines anytime. You can also share a specific video with others via sending an Email, or through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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And What I Did Not..

The opening of the app is very slow. As you open the app, it takes a while which is sometimes irritating. However, once you get into the app, let me tell you, its amazing.

How To Install Newsy:

  1. Go onto the Windows 8 Store.
  2. Press ‘Win+Q’ to open the search bar.
  3. Type ‘Newsy’ and press ‘Enter’ key to get the app extracted.
  4. Soon, the app will be in front of you.
  5. Click on ‘Install’ button to install the app in Windows 8 system
  6. There you are…

In short, Newsy is a good utility video news app for Windows 8 to keep watching the updated news. Go ahead and download Newsy now.