New Windows 8.1 Preview And Windows 8.1 Start Button

It’s been almost an year since official version of Windows 8 was released and Microsoft always gave us preview Operating Systems to try them before releasing the official version. Similarly, even this time we can try out the all new Windows 8.1 preview before it’s official release; by downloading it from the Microsoft Website.

Though I don’t see much difference in this new release; but some of the changes are worth mentioning. First let’s come from the basic starting point and then review all other changes later. So, stay tuned for more articles on Windows 8.1 and it’s changes compared to it’s former Windows 8.

How to Install Windows 8.1 Preview:

Probably you must be thinking why I have started with installation or “What’s wrong with this guy?”. Let me tell you, I haven’t noticed any change in the installation process except the logo. Instead of that boring Blue colored Windows logo, they modified it to a colorful Fish (check out the below image).

Windows 8.1 new logo

This logo appears every time while booting Windows 8.1 and I’m not sure whether they will keep it in the official release or not. You can install Windows 8.1 by downloading the ISO file unzipping it and by clicking on install.exe file. You can also install by converting the ISO to a DVD or by installing through USB, using the same procedure as for installing Windows 8. But don’t forget to note the Product Key available in the download page. You can also go Windows 8.1 preview webpage and click Update.

Windows 8.1 Start Button:

Yes, even I have been waiting for this update since Windows 8 was released. Guess most of the users must have complained about the Start Button; because we grew up using this most of the time. We have also reviewed Start Menu button software for Windows 8. But finally, here we are with the Start button with some slight changes; rather expected.


Now, before clicking on this Start Button, don’t expect it to show you recently used applications or personal folders; because it’s going to navigate you to Start Screen, with those live tiles and apps.

But the icon layout is impressive, as you can see it’s a flat icon, embedded on the taskbar and when you hover your mouse on it, you see a transition in color; like shown below.

Windows 8.1 start button transition

But once you click open the Start Screen, you won’t see the start button there. You have to move your mouse to the left bottom corner to bring back the icon (as shown below).

Windows 8.1 start button in start screen


Windows 8.1 looks similar to Windows 8, but with some changes to make it look more beautiful and comfortable. I will come up with articles mentioning other changes in Windows 8.