Music Maker Jam App For Windows 8

Music Maker Jam App is a free music maker app for Windows 8 that allows the users to create their own music using different  instruments and effects.

This music making app lets you to create your own music with three different styles such as Dubstep, Jazz, and Tech House. Once created, you can also save your music creation with a click on save button.

Music Maker Jam App for Windows 8 has been made up with three different music styles as mentioned above, due to which you get wide choice to select a preferable style of track. Each style contains various music instruments such as Bass, Brass, Drums, Pad, vocals, and many more. With the help of these musical instruments, you can create a personalized style of music

The good part is that each instrument consists of several other ways of playing it. You can increase or decrease the required level of sound volume by moving the slider up and down.

Music creator

A Harmony button has been given with which you can create your own harmonic progression for the song. Apart from this, you can divide your songs into different parts as you want with a click on plus button. The best part of this Windows 8 app is that you can transfer created music to any mobile device with sync button given below.

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Features Of Music Maker Jam App For Windows 8:

  • Create your own music
  • Offers three different music styles.
  • offers multiple instruments.
  • Enables you to save the created music easily.
  • Easily change the sound of the music.
  • Transfer created music to mobile devices.
  • It’s free and available in Windows 8 App Store.

Music Maker Jam App for Windows 8 is a good entertaining yet utility app for Windows 8, especially for the person who love to create music. You must try this Windows 8 app.