Go Movie (Hong Kong): Free Windows 8 Movie App

Go Movie, Windows 8 movie app, is a free app that helps you know about all the latest upcoming shows or movies if you are living in Hong Kong.

GoMovie gives you all the information about the great upcoming movies running at your local cinemas in Hong Kong. So, for that purpose, you just have to download this Windows 8 app and rush for the latest movies you want to watch or planning to watch.

Now, you don’t have to browse through the Internet to look for a newly released movie and its show timings. You just have to download this movie app for Windows 8 and are good to go. Its kind of Windows 8 movie app that works for people living in Hong Kong.

Windows 8 Movie App

The above given screen shot displays the interface of the app and shows how the recently released movies are displayed. In addition, you can also check the current reviews and also the critics ratings. Just click on the movie and get know everything about that specific movie.

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Windows 8 Movie App

Plus, you can also check the details with its poster and can also view its trailer with some of its snapshots. And believe me, they are really amazing. You can also check the local listing and the movie theaters they are running that particular movie. Buy tickets of that movie directly by clicking on the particular theater you want to visit.

Windows 8 Movie App

Apart from that, you can also buy your favorite seats directly with this Windows 8 movie app and can watch your movie comfortably on your favorite seats in that movie theater. Basically, this Windows 8 app saves you time of personally visiting there and booking the tickets.

Go ahead and install this Windows 8 movie and get tracked with the latest movies every time.