Memorylage: Windows 8 Collage Maker App

Memorylage is a Windows 8 collage maker app available for free under ‘Photo’ category in Windows Store. By using this collage maker Windows 8 app, you can take snaps using your webcam and use those for creating interesting collage within minutes.

This Windows 8 collage maker app fetches photos from Pictures library to present you a different kind of browsing interface.

Features Of Memorylage Windows 8 Collage Maker App:

  • Browse photos from your pictures library in form of dynamically generated collages.
  • Use the embedded Photo Booth functionality to take several snaps of yourself or of your friends for creating collages.
  • Create custom collages to save and share with other Windows apps.

On launching this Windows 8 Collage Maker App for the first time you will be presented an interface showing a randomly generated collage of images fetched from your pictures library.


It must be noted that this Collage Maker App for Windows 8 can only fetch content for Pictures library. If you aim at including images from a different online location then visit the folder containing files and right-click on it. Next, select ‘Include in library’ followed by a click on ‘Pictures’.


How to Create a Collage Via Memorylage Windows 8 Collage Maker:

The procedure for creating a new collage on Memorylage Windows 8 collage maker app has been listed below. Have a look …

  1. Select the images by right clicking. You can select as many images, but the app will only allow you to have maximum twelve images at a time.
  2. Then click on the ‘custom collage’ button placed on the top.  (right-click on blank region if not visible)
  3. Next, will be shown a new interface with a randomly generated collage.
  4. Now, select any to images to swap positions
  5. In case you are not satisfied with the output then click on ‘shuffle’ button placed to the bottom-right corner of interface.
  6. In the last step you require clicking on the ‘save’ button on the bottom section to store generated collage.

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Photo Boot Collage:

On the top-right section of the interface is a button stating ‘Photo booth’. On your first click you will be asked to authorize Memorylage to use your webcam. After that you will be presented following interface for taking snaps.


There you need to set the number of snaps to be taken (max 8) and the delay.

  • After setting those attributes, click on small play button. Now get ready to pose and all snaps will get populated one by one  in the right section of window.
  • Now, select or unselect them as per requirement and click on ‘custom collage’ button on top-right section. cutom-collage-maker-windows-8
  • The procedure for editing and saving is same as explained above.


  • Open this link in IE 10 or advance followed by a click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button in left panel.
  • Then on the overview page of Windows 8 Collage maker app click on ‘Install’ button.

* The application demands full access to your pictures library, webcam, microphone, and Internet connection.

Memorylage collage maker app for Windows 8 is really good. The included Photo Booth is what makes it even more interesting.