Learning App With Multiple Free Books: HMH Readers

HMH Readers is a free app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices to read multiple free books. The app allows you to download various books with just a few clicks and all you have to do to download a book is to click on a preview of the tile of the book cover. Now, when the book has been downloaded, you can click on its cover to open up the reader interface. In the reader interface, you can swipe on the screen to flip a page, or you can click on the bottom left corner of the screen as well to perform the same action. The app has a large number of books sorted according to grade or reader level, or you can also choose to view all the books in one screen as well.

HMH Readers is available for free from the Learning section in the Windows App Store.

HMH Readers Books

Main features of HMH Readers for Windows 8…

Upon firing up the app, you will be presented with the below shown interface.

HMH Readers Main Screen

As you can see above, the above screens will show you a brief tutorial of using the app, and you can skip through the tutorial by swiping across the screen and then clicking on the Get Started button, which will take you to the screen where you will be able to see all the books on your main screen in a tiled format.

HMH Readers Books

The good part about the app is that none of the books are pre downloaded in the app, and you can download a book by clicking on its tile. When you click on the tile of a book, your book will get downloaded in the app, and you can then read it by clicking on its tile. The reader interface is as shown below.

HMH Readers Book Open

To flip a page, simply swipe from right to left.

HMH Readers Flip Page

The control bars can be accessed by right clicking on the screen and they will allow you to zoom, change pages or go back to the main screen of the app.

HMH Readers Control Bars

The books in the main screen are sorted according to the difficulty level. You can move the slider at the left side of the screen to access books according to difficulty. You can then select a book of advanced difficulty to download it and read it on your device. Advanced difficulty books are of various topics that allow you to read about light and sound, etc.

HMH Readers Advanced Difficulty Level

This basically sums up the main features of the HMH Readers app for Windows 8 devices. You can also check out Swift Comic Viewer and Book HD apps for Windows 8.

The verdict…

HMH Readers is a great app for people of all ages as it gives you access to content of varying difficulty levels. The app is available for free from the App Store, and the app is ad free as well. I absolutely love this app, and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

I rate this app a 4 out of 5.

Get HMH Readers.