Learn About The Periodic Table Elements: Periodic Table

Periodic Table, as the name pretty much explains itself, is a free Windows 8 modern app to learn about the periodic table elements. Extremely detailed yet easy to use at the same time, this thing lets you have at a glance information about each and every chemical element listed in the periodic table, including details like chemical symbol and atomic number. The elements are arranged in the standard format, organized into rows (periods) and columns (groups). You can also configure the app to display additional information (atomic weight and electron configuration) about each element.

The displayed elements are also color coded to easily differentiate amongst elements of different types. However, the standout feature of this app is the detailed view. All you have to do is click on any element in the table, and the app will display a truckload of information about its physical and atomic properties, such as oxidation states, specific heat, heat of vaporization, covalent radius, and much more. Sounds like something you (or your kids) can use for their Chemistry classes? Let’s find out more about Periodic Table.

periodic table in action

Using The App To Learn About The Periodic Table Elements

Step 1: Akin to any other modern app, installing Periodic Table is a piece of cake. Once installed, you can straightaway launch the app and start using it. Here’s how Periodic Table looks like, when run for the first time:

periodic table

Looks pretty dope, right? As seen above, Periodic Table displays all the constituent chemical elements of the table front and center, in the standard periodic table arrangement (periods and groups) that everyone is familiar with. The elements are color coded according to their types, and each element also has additional information (chemical symbol and atomic number) about it displayed. If you’d like to see even more details, bring up the settings charm from the bottom edge, and use the “Customize” option to change the information displayed (such as atomic weight and electron configuration).

Step 2: To find out detailed information about any member of the periodic table, simply click on it. Once you do that, the app will show a bunch of useful information about the selected element. Amongst the details that are displayed are physical properties (state, heat of fusion etc.), and atomic properties (e.g. electronegativity, atomic radius, ionization potential). In addition, the app also shows extra information like helpful links and illustrative images fetched from the web. Isn’t that great? Here’s a screengrab:

periodic table details of element

Wrap Up

Periodic Table is a simple but extremely useful app for finding out all sorts of details about the chemical elements listed in the periodic table. It’s especially handy for those who study Chemistry. Try it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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