LEADTOOLS Image Processor For Windows 8

LEADTOOLS Image Processor for Windows 8, which can be utilized for adding basic touch-up to your images. It must be noted that this Windows 8 image processor app is quite basic and does not supports advance image editing functionalities. Still LEADTOOLS supports a decent number of features such as cropping images, adding effects, applying filters, and more. In addition to that it also lets you capture snap via webcam and edit them instantly.

On launching LEADTOOLS Image Processor for Windows 8 you will be provided a blank screen with an empty several panels. Have a look on the screenshot below.


Editing Image Via LEADTOOLS Image Processor For Windows 8:

  • To begin with editing you will need to right-click on the screen and soon horizontal bar in the bottom section will emerge.
  • On that bar you will find several buttons. In the Right section exits the two buttons which can be utilized accordingly.
    • Click on ‘Open file’ button to load an image from pictures library.
    • Click on ‘Photo’ button to take a snap via webcam. If you opt for this option then on first use you will be prompted about allowing LEADTOOLS Image Processor to access your webcam. Then you can take the snap and crop the image as per requirement. Then click on ‘Ok’ to load image for editing.
  • image-editor-app-for-windows-8 Next, you need to utilize the buttons in the left section of the horizontal bar at bottom. Depending upon your selection the entries in the panel below image holder will change accordingly.
    • Color: to apply various color schemes.
    • Transform: To add transformation effects to selected image
    • Distort: For adding noise in picture.
    • Documents: To clear, crop, resize, remove border, and more.
    • Effects: To apply available image effects.
    • Artistic: For applying more artistic effects to your images.

In case you did not like the change then click on ‘reset’ button to discard changes. (visible without right-Click)

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  • Open this link in Internet Explorer 10 or later.
  • Then click ‘View in Windows Store’ button
  • Then click on ‘Install’ button.

As per my personal opinion LEADTOOLS Image Processor for Windows 8 is nice. The availability of effects and options is somewhat limited but the overall impression delivered was quite good.