Join Same Colored Boxes In This Windows 8 Puzzle Game: Insane Chain

Insane Chain is a free Windows 8 Puzzle Game.Your main aim while playing this Windows 8 Puzzle Game is to join and form chains of boxes of the same color or pattern. More the number of boxes you match, more the score you make. You have to make chains of minimum three boxes of the same type. You can make a chain only if the boxes are present alongside or are diagonally present. No boxes can be joined if there is a box present between them. Also in the puzzle itself, boxes of mixed patterns may be present. On joining them, you can make more score or can earn bonus.

This free Windows 8 Puzzle Game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Insane ChainLet’s get you a better idea about the game.

Solving this Windows 8 Puzzle Game

Playing this Widows 8 Puzzle Game is quite easy. You just have to join boxes that appear organized as a big puzzle. To join the boxes of the same color, you just have to use your left mouse button. If you find a pattern of boxes forming a chain, then place your mouse cursor over the first box and start dragging all along the pattern to form a chain. As you leave the button, the boxes of the chain will explode and vanish from there, adding to your score.

Insane Chain-joiningWhile playing this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, your timer will be running. You have to see that you get to score a higher count before it reaches zero. More the number of of boxes you join, more is the score that you achieve.

Along with the colored boxes that appear in the game play of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, there also appears some boxes which have more than one color on them. You can use these boxes to your advantage because these can join with any colored boxes.

Insane Chain- Mix colored boxesIn addition to all this, there are boxes which have bombs on them. When you use them in the joined chains that you have made in this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, then all the box of that color will explode at the same time, irrespective of the fact that they are in the chain or not.

During the game, there also appear time bonuses (boxes with clocks), and other boxes (using which you can increase your score two or three times).

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Key Features of Insane Chain

  • This game is available for free from the Windows Store.
  • The interface it provides to the user is quite nice.
  • Use the bonuses and timers available in the game to gain more.
  • Easy controls are used in the game.

Final Verdict

This is a good Windows 8 Puzzle Game with good game play. It uses easy controls. The game play engages you as the timer triggers with the game. All in all, you should try it for sure. Share your experience with us.

Get Insane Chain here.