iXiGO Travel: Windows 8 Travel App

iXiGO Travel is a free Windows 8 travel app with the help of which you can simply organize your whole holiday trip at once. You don’t need to go to any travel agent or broker, what you have to do is to switch to this Windows 8 app and it will take care of everything.

It’s quite a laborious and mind stricken job to plan a trip to some place nice. You need a travel agent to hook you up with your flights, fares, and hotels. But, this app for Windows 8 here will arrange all your travelling related queries. This Windows 8 travel app will search the best flights you can opt for your journey with the best prices and will also help you to track any flight you want. It will also give you best deals on hotels in which you want to stay.


This is the start page of this Windows 8 app where you can get to know about how it actually works and with the help of which you can redirect yourself to the Internet to know more about the deals you can get through this Windows 8 travel app.

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This is the place where you can get your flight arranged for your journey and can simply enter your source and destination details and can get your flight booked. You can get all the information about the flight you have aboard and within your budget.


This is where you can get hotels online for yourself and your family if you are planning a great holiday for them. Just enter the location and the number of people you want to get accommodated  and it will find you the best place suitable according to your luxury. You can filter your choice of hotel according to the stars of the hotel.

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So, if you are really want to plan for a great holiday then install this Windows 8 travel app on your desktop.