Internet Download Manager For Windows 8

Finally you can manage, organize, and schedule downloads in Windows 8. Yup…you read it right. The extremely utility tool, Internet Download Manager, is now available for Windows 8 for free. It handles all the downloading tasks in Windows 8 by sorting all the downloading files automatically and putting them into the right folder. Basically, IDM for Windows 8 monitors the downloading Internet links and seizes the downloads from the web-browser automatically.

The good part about Internet Download Manager is that it accelerates the downloading speed. This IDM for Windows 8 has been categorized into various folders such as Music Files, Documents, Compressed Files, Video Files, and the like. IDM sorts the downloading files and place them into the right folder like an audio file to “Music” folder, Video file to “Video” folder and the like.

In addition, this Internet Download Manager for Windows 8 also resumes the downloading file in case there is an unfinished download due to some unexpected power cut or some network problem. You can also schedule the downloads which in turn saves your time of putting a new file to download after first completion. The interface of this IDM for Windows 8 is very simple and easy-to-use. The appreciated feature is its virus scanner facility. Yup…IDM automatically scans a downloading software and if it finds virus in a software then it cancels the download, all automatically.

Installing Internet Download Manager in Windows 8 is very much similar to download it in other OS. However, before I get down to its downloading part, let me cover up the features of this IDM quickly.

Features of Internet Download Manager For Windows 8:

  • Schedule, Manage, and Organize Downloading Files
  • Resumes the downloading file in case of bas network connection
  • Accelerate the downloading speed
  • Categorized into various folders
  • Put the downloading files into the right folder
  • Easy and simple to-use
  • Automatically detects virus
  • Its free!


How To Download Internet Download Manager In Windows 8:

  1. Go onto the given link
  2. Click on “Download Now” give inside the green box
  3. Click on the downloaded setup to run the program
  4. You will soon find the IDM installed in your Windows 8 system

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In short, Internet Download Manager for Windows 8 is a good utility software to organize your downloads and to speed up the downloading speed of a software. Go ahead and download IDM in Windows 8 now…