Install Apple Safari Browser In Windows 8

Yet another trial on the all new Microsoft’s Windows 8. This time I tried the world’s most innovative and classic Apple Safari Browser in Windows 8 and guess what…it worked extremely awesome on Windows 8. Safari Browser indeed changes the way you interact with people around the globe. People who think and learn visually, this classic Safari Browser is just the perfect for them.

Installing Safari Browser in Windows 8 is as easy as it is to install it in any other Operating System such as Windows 7, Windows XP, and the like. Before I jump down to the procedure of installing Safari in Windows 8, let me quickly jot down the features of this classic Apple Browser.

Features of Safari Browser:

  • Allows you to flip through Bookmarks and History.
  • Allows you to zoom it to full-page.
  • Allows you to search your browsing history.
  • Smart address-bar
  • In-built Malware and Phishing protection
  • Restore option is available
  • Excellent Graphical interface


How To Install Safari Browser In Windows 8:

  • Go onto the given link.
  • Click on “Download Now”.
  • Click on “Run” in order to start working over Safari

Yup…there you are. Start accessing Safari Browser in Windows 8. It works wonderful.

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In short, Safari Browser works excellently in Windows 8. You can browse, read, shop, or do any other thing on the web via the most secure and safest browser, Safari. Go ahead and install Safari browser in Windows 8 now.