Improve Command Over English Language At Windows 8 English Club App

English Club is a free Windows 8 app that lets you improve command over English language in a play way method. Its a British Council product that has been designed especially for Windows 8 providing a completely English language kit including vocabulary building, word games, jumbles, English quiz, short stories, etc. for intermediates and advanced English learners.

As you open the app for the fist time, you will be displayed with English Products, Recent Downloads, word games, quiz, and a Leaderboard.

Let me explain each of the categories briefly.


The ‘Products’ category has been further divided into four different parts — Standard English, Advanced English, Business Terms, and English Kids.

Now, Standard English has been designed intermediate learners where you will find pronunciation of different words, and other things related to it. While Advanced English has been designed for advanced English learners. Here, you can again learn the pronunciation for difficult words, its usage in daily routine, its meaning, synonyms, just everything in the form of a short video clip. There are 24 different clips to help you learn new words, and its usage.

Similarly, each category comes up with the pronunciation of words, its meaning, small video clips to help you learn daily usage of the words. The only difference lies in the level of difficulty.

Recent Downloads:

This category displays all the recent downloads that you done over this Windows 8 English Club app. To view a clip that you have downloaded recently, just click on the one.

Word Games:

Though its not a separate category, but it does come up with education games such as quiz, word search, jumble words, and hangman. These games help you improve command over English language while having fun.


Leaderboard displays the top performers world wide along with your score at th bottom.

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In short, Windows 8 English Club to improve command over English language is a good utility app for Windows 8 available under the Education category in Windows 8 store. Go ahead and improve command over English language at Windows 8 English Club.