How To Take Screenshots Of Windows 8 Menu Screen

Here is how to take Screenshots of Windows 8 Menu Screen. I have been using the popular Gadwin Print Screen to capture screen for quite a long time. And with the installation of the all new Microsoft’s Windows 8 Metro UI, I tried taking screen shot with the same software but came across few difficulties in capturing a screen shot of Windows 8 Menu Screen. Huh! last I succeeded.

Follow the below given steps to capture the Windows 8 menu screen as an image. Lets begin with the steps to use Gadwin print screen on Windows 8 Menu Screen.

Steps To Take Screenshots Of Windows 8 Menu Screen:

To take a screenshot on Windows 8, you need to have a screen capturing software, like I work with Gadwin Print Screen.

Step 1: Open the Windows 8 menu screen

Step 3: Press the hotkey structured for Gadwin Print Screen like I selected the “Print Screen SysRq” in short PrtScn key as my hot key.

print screen

Step 6: Then, click on the Desktop Icon given at the menu screen

print screen. 1

Step 7: Now, capture the screen and press the right-click of your mouseprint screen. 1

You are almost done with your screenshot, now you can crop, tilt or save the screenshot according to your desire.

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Go ahead and try out yourself.