How To Set Up Extra Login Passwords In Windows 8

Here, is a step by step tutorial on How to set up extra login passwords in Windows 8. Windows 8 comes with this built-in feature which allows you to easily set up multiple login passwords  per account. This smart feature present in Windows 8 unlike other Windows version prevent your computer from getting locked in case if you forget the primary password. Apart from primary password, Windows 8 allows you to set extra login password such as gesture or picture based password and the Pin code based password. So go ahead try these simple steps for creating extra login passwords in Windows 8.

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How To Set Up Extra Login Passwords In Windows 8:

  • Move and place the mouse cursor at the bottom right corner of the screen or simply press the Windows key + C.
  • And Choose the “Settings” option.

Login Passwords

  • Click on “More PC settings” option.

Login Passwords 001

  • Now, you need to select the “Users” section available on the left side of the Screen.

Login Passwords 002

  • Within the “Users” section, you will come across three sign-in options, which are, sign in either through normal password, picture/gesture password or Pin code password.
  • Normal password is basically that password which we set up at the start. Now, for creating picture/gesture password, click the second sign-in option “create a picture password”.
  • Now, it will ask you to verify your current password. So verify your current password.

Login Passwords 003

  • Click the “Choose picture” button.

Login Passwords 004

  • Choose your favorite picture and draw three gestures on the selected picture. Gestures can be either straight lines, circles or taps.
  • Once you have drawn the gestures, you need to repeat them again just for a confirmation.
  • Thats all you need to do for creating a picture password.
  • Creating  a Pin code password is really simple. For creating Pin Password you need to click on “Create a PIN” option.

Login Passwords 005

  • Enter a 4 digit pin code in the “Enter PIN” box and as well as in “Confirm PIN” box.
  • Click “Finish” button for setting up the Pin Password.
  • So now you can use any of these login passwords to login or unlock your Windows 8 computer.

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Follow this step by step tutorial to set up extra login passwords per account in Windows 8.