How To Install Windows 8 Release Preview Version

Microsoft has finally released the final pre-release of Windows 8, containing IE10 along with many new applications such as Wikipedia, Sports, Panorama Travelling, and other amazing apps. You can read our post on the same here.

The new Windows 8 Release Version is advanced than earlier released versions which indeed made me to install it quickly. Hence, I decided to upgrade my Windows 8 Consumer Preview Version to Windows 8 Release Preview Version which is the final pre-release version of Windows 8.

Once done successfully, I decided to share with my readers as well. Therefore, I am all here to provide you a step by step tutorial on how to install Windows 8 Release Preview on your Windows 8 Consumer Preview Version.

How To Install Windows 8 Release Preview:

  • Go on to the given link.
  • Click on “Download”.
  • Click on the download set up in order to install.
  • After completing the installation, your PC will restart several times which can take a few minutes.

New Version

  • Now it will take few minutes more in moving the settings, so you should keep patience.

New Version 001

  • In just a next couple of minutes, a Personalize screen will appear. You can customize the color of your Windows 8 Start Menu according to your linking. For example: My favorite one is “Pink”, hence I selected Pink as my Windows 8 Start Menu Screen background. Also, you can give your Windows 8 PC your personal name in the box given.

New Version 002

  • Click on “Next”, once you have personalized the color choice. Now, you will be soon taken to a screen where you can connect to a Wireless network, in case you have a Wireless network connection. However, if you do not want to go with the Wireless as of now, just skip it.

New Version 003

  • The “Settings Windows” will bring you a list of “Expressed Settings”. If you are satisfied with the expressed settings just click on “Use Expressed Settings” and move on. However, in case you want to customize settings, click on “Customize”.

New Version 004

  • A new screen will soon appear where you need to sign in to your Microsoft Account( if have one), else you can choose for “Sign In With A New Email address”.

New Version 005

  • A screen will appear where you will be displayed with a list of differences between Signing in with Microsoft Account and singing in with Local Account. I guess, you are mature enough to decide upon…

New Version 006

  • Enter a strong password for signing in to PC which. Make sure the password should be easy for you and hard for others to guess.

New Version 007

  • Finally, Windows 8 Consumer Preview Version will be upgraded to Windows 8 Release Preview.

New Version 008

The final pre-release version is just so awesome. It has many eye-opting features. A must try out…