How To Disable Windows 8 Store

Microsoft has finally given the unique Windows 8 Store to install Windows 8 apps from. And yeah…no one would ever want to disable this amazing Windows 8 Store from the Microsoft’s new OS, at least I wont ever do this. However, sometimes we come across such circumstances where we are forced to do this, most probably when you are testing Windows 8 in a business environment.

Well…in any case, I would never disable my favorite Windows 8 feature and would never recommend anyone to execute such a blunder. Now, if the reasons are unavoidable, then check out the steps on how to disable Windows 8 Store.

How To Disable Windows 8 Store:

  • Press “Windows Key+R Key” to open up the run box
  • Type “gpedit.msc” and press “Enter”


  • Now, dig down into “User Configuration ? Administrative Templates ? Windows Components”


  • Under the Windows Components, select Settings for the Windows “Store”


  • Under the “Store?Settings” column, there is an option to turn off the Store, available at the right-side. Just Double-Click on the same.


  • Now, just switch “Radio” button from “Not Configured” to “Enabled”, click “Ok” once done


  • To take this action into effect, you are required to enforce the updated policy. Press Windows Key+R Key to open the run box. In the run box, type “gpupdate /force”, and click on “OK”.


  • Once you are done with the above given steps, your Windows Store will get disabled and now when you go onto Windows Store, you will get a message as “Windows Store isn’t available on this PC.”


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Yup…you are done. You have successfully disabled Windows 8 App Store. Go ahead and try it out, only if you have no other option except disabling it.